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I FINALLY Launched my personal Art & Animation Patreon!

If you guys want to support me creating more artwork, and animated films then please, go on over and check out what kind of stuff there is to offer! <3

$1 - Gains you access to all public artwork created by me! As well as gains you my gratitude for supporting my work and livelihood!

$10- Gains you access to non public illustration work, this could be illustrations that I plan on posting publicly in FUTURE, or are saving to publish into an artbook, or sell prints of. Basically all artwork that I don’t post right away, you guys will get to see anyway! Plus peeks at animated shots when they are completed as roughs!

$20- Gains you access to frequent animation updates, usually gifs of shorts in progress. Also animatic files, rough cuts, and any kind of WIP file/animation content I can manage to complete!

$50- Gains you access to character ref sheets, developing designs, and even character artwork involving characters that are not publicly released! Tons of secret goodies for your eyes only!

$100-  Gains you total access to secret characters, illustrations, full animated WIPS, Private Livestreams and tons of other fun! Plus my eternal gratitude for enjoying my work so much <333

For those ZP fans, don’t worry, ZP will be back in future! This Patreon is moreso for my animated films and regular posting of artwork, the comic is it’s own project, so I’ll climb that hill when I reach it!

If you can’t become a patron, thats ok!

But I’d be beyond appreciative if you could pass this along, in case someone hasn’t seen it who might want to be! <3



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